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Gratitude, negativity, and freedom…

July 6, 2010

As I have said, perhaps not enough, though we moved to Pennsylvania to help start a business that has since been placed on the backburner, we are very grateful to those who have treated us kindly and have opened up their homes to us when we have been in need. Finding ourselves homeless for three weeks while we waited on the mortgage company was an intense and humbling experience. I don’t know how I would have kept the three of us together without the generosity of Dan’s extended family. I owe them all more than I can ever repay. I was raised to be grateful for what is given to me, and I’ve been so wrapped up in my own distress that I don’t think I have adequately expressed how truly thankful I am to be surrounded by family who love us and are willing to take care of us while we are still adjusting and looking for work so we can gain independence once more.
Overall, I am not a negative person. I really am an optimist, even if it doesn’t always show. Things are hard right now, what with still trying to figure out this whole dual family living thing and no income of our own, but things are getting better. We got a facebook page for our home bakery up and running, and thanks to that we got our first order (yay!) and Dan got the job at Sears! He still has to hear back about training, but we’re really excited. My transcripts should make it to Penn State any day now, and then they will decide whether or not to accept me. I’m so excited to pursue my education and feel worthwhile to myself.
Yesterday was the Fourth of July. It was a really rough day, spending it away from my family. But we set off fireworks once it got dark enough and that was great. I’ve never gotten to do anything but sparklers before, so it was super exciting to get to set some off myself! Danny was totally captivated by the sparks. Every day of my life, I am grateful to live in this country. Grateful that there are men and women who are willing to sacrifice everything to protect the freedoms I so dearly love.

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