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July 10, 2010

So, yesterday I got a call from a really nice gal over in the Penn State admissions office…and I got accepted! …on provisional terms, because I never took the SAT/ACT. I know, I know. Stupid! But…I just have to take 18 credits (in a year…yikes…hello, no free time) and get satisfactory grades and then they’ll take me like a regular student and I can pursue my major from there. I’m so excited!!! I can’t wait to get my official acceptance letter. I’m so relieved and ecstatic and scared and all sorts of things. Haha. Now, hopefully my student aid package will be enough to cover that many credits…eesh. Nine a semester…just shy of full-time. I was planning on six, but I guess I don’t really need to get a part-time job. I haven’t really been looking that hard, anyway.
We have a new battle plan for our lives. Dan is taking the military out of “Plan B” mode and making it Plan A. We’re going to at least set up an appointment with a recruiter early next week and figure exactly how much weight he needs to lose before he can go to Basic. We’re looking at the Air Force, mainly, but also the Navy. We’ll see how that goes. And the plan is, regardless of how much actual weight he needs to drop, to be at the goal weight no later than March 31, 2011. We both think that’s a reasonable time-line for healthy weight loss and we have an idea of what the numbers are. Hopefully, since he will be joining here in PA, we can get stationed back in Alaska…ooooh man, how I miss it. The plan (although I have yet to discuss it with my family) is for me to move back in with someone there while Dan’s away at Basic, anyway, and then depending on how long/where/when his tech school is, I’ll either stay where I am or move to him, since when it’s a long enough school, the military will move me to him. It’s exciting. And scary. But it will be good, I think, for all of us.
We made our first home bakery sale this week! Two dozen cookies. Haha. The recipe I used said that it yielded one dozen…we got a total of about seven dozen out of it! So we sent out almost three dozen (as much would fit in the box) yesterday. I hope he enjoys them! I know we’ve been delighting in the leftovers. šŸ™‚
Danny is right on the verge of taking his first actual steps…and it breaks my heart. At the same time, though, my heart swells with pride. My little baby is becoming a big boy…and I’m so not ready for that yet! He’s also learning how to behave and take direction, which I find hilarious. Rather than telling him “no” all the time when he’s doing something he shouldn’t be, we shout “Danger!” and he almost always turns away from whatever it is he was doing. He usually cries when I do it, but he’s getting better. He’s so funny! He has also started being very generous with those sloppy, sweet, open-mouthed baby kisses. I’ve gotten really good at turning my head at the right moment! That little boy is more precious to me than anything in this whole world. I do wish that I was a little older, but if that meant not having him, exactly how he is, I wouldn’t want it. When he’s not with me, I feel weird. Like a part of me is missing. I know that’s not great, because it means I’m getting a little codependent on him, and that’s not healthy, but he’s still a baby so I think it’s okay. And good that I miss him when he’s not with me. I think it will always be that way…motherhood is a funny thing.
Oh! Before I forget: I need help picking a major! I really want to go for an English degree, and get into publishing. But I would also dearly love to be a midwife. As much as the female anatomy repulses me, I would really enjoy helping women to deliver their babies. Vote in my poll and/or leave a comment!

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