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College Orientation, and other things. :)

August 20, 2010

Ugh. I really need to get better at updating this! I think it will help when school starts that I’ll be on the computer all day every day trying to keep up with my physiology class.
Oh! That reminds me -for all those wondering, in case I haven’t already posted it here – I have decided on pursuing a nursing degree to facilitate becoming a midwife! I’m really excited and pretty confident in my projected path.
Yesterday was an all day orientation event at Penn State. And wow, was it long. Haha. I was on campus from about 7:30AM til about 6:30PM. Since we’re a single-vehicle, dual-family household, my father-in-law had to drop me off early for orientation (by an hour) on his way to work, and then he came home after work, rather than picking me up, to give the van to Dan and his mom to come get me.
Thankfully, we were able to get over to a local car dealership last night and we put a deposit down on a pretty sweet ride. Hopefully, the credit paperwork comes back hunky-dorily today and we can go put down the rest of the down payment and drive away with our beautiful new (to us) Pontiac Vibe! I’m absolutely in love with it. We got the dealer to drop the price twice – once from the actual price of the car, and then from the bottom line – which was pretty satisfying. If all goes well with the banks today, we’ll be paying exactly what we were looking to pay for a car, and it’s newer than pretty much everything else we were looking at. Assuming all goes well, the crazy drop-and-runs will not have to continue past…today. Haha.
Dan had to be at work at 7 this morning, so he and his parents had to leave around 6:30. He works about half an hour away from our house, and his dad works about an hour and a half away from there. With my classes starting Monday morning, it would just be too chaotic and not very cost efficient to have one vehicle running so many places. Conveniently, though, the campus is really close to the Walmart, which is where Dan is now working. He got the baker job! He’s very excited. Unfortunately, the Supercenter isn’t up and running yet, so his bakery training is going to have to be in another town, kind of far away…and in a completely different direction from where his dad works and where I will be for school. So a new car is an absolute necessity, considering the utter lack of public transportation in Ruralia. (Get it? Like Suburbia? Haha, I just made that up!)
Shifting gears…Danny’s first birthday was Sunday. I can’t believe how quickly time has flown. It feels like just yesterday, we were bringing him home from the hospital. And now he’s a walking, talking baby-kid…climbing stairs and tugging on my heartstrings. He’s so big now…I can hardly remember what it felt like to hold him as a newborn. It has been a challenging, amazing, terrifying, beautiful year, and I’m looking forward to the milestones of his second year. This morning, I woke up and found him cuddled up to me – something that is rare any more. When he was brand new, we could only get him to sleep if he was on one of our chests, but now, at least for night time sleep, he isn’t much of a snuggler. So it was a special treat to wake up with him curled into me. He’s still sleeping soundly, as I type, and he looks so tall! I love how he moves his toes in his sleep and when he’s eating or nursing. He stretches and flexes them and really uses his feet as a way to express himself…I just find it so comical.
Yesterday was the first time I have ever spent more than about five hours away from Danny. It was really hard to leave, but having school stuff to focus on really helped me get through the day. I was basically bouncing with anticipation to see him by the end of the day! Being away meant that I had to use my manual breast pump…which was not an awesome experience…but it was okay. I ended up with about six ounces of expressed milk (yayayay!) and I learned that I will never willingly pump in a bathroom again. It’s gross and awkward and I would much rather throw a nursing cover on and do it in public, not surrounded by doodie germs. 🙂
I met some new people yesterday, but I didn’t really make any friends…which sucks, but there’s still plenty of time. I found myself kind of caught in the middle – most of the other students are fresh out of high school, and then the rest are “adult learners”…which means 23+. Since I’m not yet 23, (one week!!!) I still count as a “traditional student”…even though I’m married and have a child. I only met one other parent yesterday, and she was ten years older than I am. Hopefully, I’ll find more people like me in my classes, or at least the awkwardness of different life stages will be less amplified.
Things have been going really well for us, and I’m pretty pleased with life as it’s going. Could things be better? Sure. I think that’s always going to be true. But it’s Friday, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and I feel pretty great.
Have a wonderful weekend, readers!

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