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Help for a Young Widow…

January 17, 2011

I don’t know this woman, but she was brought to my attention thanks to a board I’m on on Babycenter. She lost her husband in early November, and has two kids and is due with their third in just a few weeks. I’ve read through some of her blog, and what she’s been through is just so gut-wrenching…I was bawling by the time I had to stop reading. My heart just breaks for her and her sweet children. I can’t imagine what it would feel like to lost your husband, especially so young.

Even though the month is almost over, there is another blog that earns some money, and the writer is donating all of her January revenue to this family. This blog features some pretty delicious-sounding recipes…I’m planning on trying a couple of them soon! But all it takes to contribute is to just go to her blog and let it load, maybe check it out a bit. Really, less than a minute helps, and just once a day until the 31st. Can you spare a moment to help a struggling family?

Were I or someone I was close to in (God forbid) this same type of situation, I would hope that someone would be so generous and kind.
The further this spreads, of course, the more money this family gets to help them in their time of need, so please repost the information if you feel so moved. Thank you!

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