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Home at long last!

January 27, 2011

Well, after a full day of highly exhausting travel (3-hour drive, then four flights totaling in about 20 more hours of travel), we got to Anchorage around 0130 on Sunday! It’s so wonderful to be home, around my family, and just, well…home.
Living in Anchorage is seriously as easy as breathing. Things have changed, as they do, but the city is still very much the same.
We put in an application for an apartment yesterday, and we’re hoping to hear back today. I’m really hoping they accept us, because I feel like after all this time, we really need our own space to re-learn how to be our own family. I am exceptionally grateful that my parents have opened their home to us in the interim.
Dan is on Day Four of interviews! We did hear back from one place, and they selected another candidate, but that’s okay. Today and tomorrow look very promising. I’m still confident that he’ll have an offer by the end of next week; plus, he’s meeting with my favorite temp agency right now. They almost always have really great opportunities available for even the short-term.
I’m starting to feel more confident in myself, more like myself, than I have in a long time. It’s funny how your environment can change your perception of yourself. I was having way more panic attacks in Pennsylvania than I do here – and I’m more sleep deprived here!
Danny is adjusting well, just like I expected. I took him to his first play group the other day, and he did pretty well. He’s kind of a thief, but it’s something to work on and with more socialization I think he’ll be fine. He amazes me so much. We’re hoping to break the spoiled behaviors before the new baby comes.
Speaking of the baby! I had an appointment this week and got to hear the heartbeat (144)! My ‘big ultrasound’ is Monday and I can’t wait to find out who’s in there! I’m still thinking girl, but I’m not as sure as I was with Danny. I’m kind of worried that I’ve started expected this baby to be a girl. I’m worried that if it turns out to be a boy, I’ll be disappointed. I know it’s silly, because I love little boys, I know little boys. I just really feel like this baby is the girl who was waiting for us, sometimes impatiently, to decide we were ready for her. I know what one of my daughters will look like…and I’m truly hoping this is her. (I’ve been dreaming of a little girl for a couple years.) wow. This is the first time I’ve admitted to hoping one way or the other!
So…yeah. Danny’s going to be 18 months soon. We’re getting him a potty chair to celebrate! No pressure on him, just so he gets used to it and can decide when he wants to use it. He’s learning more words and phrases every day. Yesterday, he said, “I’m fine.” after he flipped out over his snack. It was so cute!

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