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Counting my Blessings

March 10, 2011

Sometimes, it’s hard to remember that things in life are blessings. The house with leaky faucets and bad wiring: it’s still a house, the heat works, and it miraculously has not burned to the ground. The toddler who throws ugly tantrums and won’t take a fetchin’ nap to save his life: it’s a phase, and he’s the sweetest child alive most of the time.
My point is…while nothing in life is perfect, there is still a lot to be grateful for.

We’ve been home now for about six weeks, and we’ve had to stay with my parents. It really hasn’t been that bad at all, but I’m so looking forward to getting moved into our own home next week. I’m so grateful that my folks have been able to help us and take care of us in so many ways, especially since the job hunt for Dan has not turned out as well as we had been hoping. Without them, we would have been sunk weeks ago. Knowing I have a safe place to rest with my family is priceless, and one of the best ways to get reacquainted with people is to live with them. Dan is, really, getting to know my parents for the first time…so now he’s seeing a lot of why I am who I am, because I’m very much like both my mom and dad. Danny has fallen in love with his grandpa (and the feeling is very mutual) and is figuring out that Grandma is pretty great, too. It’s so wonderful to be around unconditional love the way that we are.
I’m also very, very grateful to be back among my friends. Although I still haven’t seen everyone who I want to, it’s nice knowing that they’re a phone call and quick drive away. Reconnecting with the ones we have seen has been tremendous. Along those same lines, being back in a culture where our church is more popular and bigger is also amazing. Don’t get me wrong – the members we knew in Pennsylvania were some of the greatest people I’ve ever met – but there’s something fundamentally different about living where the church population is greater than 75-100 people. And we have a gorgeous temple right across town. That’s something huge.
Speaking of church and huge, I have kind of a crazy cool experience to share. The magnitude struck me about a week ago, but the event took place nearly four months ago! As some of you may know, early in this pregnancy I was diagnosed with a subchorionic hemorrhage. What that means is that there was a spot where the placenta was pulling away from the wall of my uterus. At the time, all the doctor could advise was basically bedrest and increased fluid intake. So, we followed the ER doctor’s orders and Dan was amazing about stepping in and picking up the slack that I had to leave.
Along with following doctor’s orders, I requested a blessing from our branch president. In our faith, we believe that men who are worthy priesthood holders have the ability to bless the sick and afflicted, bless those in need of comfort – very similar to what Christ and the Apostles did during their time. Anyway, in that blessing, I was told that I would carry this child and deliver [him], healthy and at the proper time.
That blessing is something I think about daily. Within days, the tear had healed itself, and the whole placenta attached appropriately to my uterus, bypassing a potentially deadly ailment.
My life, and my unborn child’s life, was saved thanks to that blessing.

WordPress keeps eating what I’ve written, so I’ll end on this note: sometimes, it’s hard to look on the bright side and see the sunshine through the rain…but without the rain, we wouldn’t have rainbows. And when I look at all of the wonderful things in my life, it’s awfully hard to maintain a cloudy disposition.
Love to you all.

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