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Beautiful Sunday

March 27, 2011

Almost two weeks ago, we finally moved into our new place. It’s so wonderful to have a home to ourselves again! I was really nervous about how it would go, but it’s been as easy as breathing. We’re renting from some friends who moved out of state and I just love our place. We’re still decorating/acquiring furniture/cleaning, but I’ll put up pictures soonish. 🙂
Today, we made it to church (late…but better late than never!) and stayed for the whole thing! Danny went to nursery without Dan staying with him and he did great! The teacher told us that he would try to comfort the other kids if they got sad – by going up and hugging them! So sweet! And if hugging didn’t work, he would cry with them. He’s never been a sympathy crier, so this surprised me a bit. I love how sweet he can be! And a relief that he did so well…he’s been showing some aggression and it’s made me nervous. I’m hoping that some more socialization will help him grow out of that before his brother gets here!
Speaking of the baby, the pregnancy is continuing nicely. I feel like he’s a bit big for where we are, time-line wise, but I have a check-up this week and we’ll see where he’s measuring at!
Dan starts his new job tomorrow, and I’m excited and very nervous. I’ve had him home to help almost every day since the beginning of the year! Holy cow! But I will adjust…we will adjust. And it’s going to be amazing! He’s going to work for the railroad as a conductor trainee! Super cool job – with super cool perks. I’m looking forward to packing the boys up and spending a day or two in Seward towards the end of the summer.
It’s a gorgeous, sunny day here today. So I’m off to enjoy the rest of it!

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