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Finally! Ollie’s Birth Story

July 8, 2011

After weeks of so-called practice labor and very little progression, I went to my 40 week appointment hoping for good news – that I’d dilated enough to be considered in true labor.
I was meeting with my OB, which was a rare treat. She’s very busy, so I saw one of the midwives in the practice a lot. The whole team I had was really excellent.
She did my internal check, after discussing my appointment schedule for the next week and a half, and deciding my induction date. Just for giggles, I asked that she sweep my membranes (for the second time) as that can help get labor started. Since I had hardly progressed from my last appointment, I wasn’t too hopeful for the sweep.
When she had finished, she noticed a small puddle on the table and asked me, “Did I just break your water?”
“Uh…maybe?” haha. So she took a sample and checked under the microscope…yes, indeedio, there was the tell-tale ferning! My contractions started within ten minutes. Nice and painful…and in my back, again!
So she told me to go on downstairs to labor and delivery, where they were getting a room ready for me.
I had hoped to have a hypnobirth, but found myself ill-prepared. I did pretty well for the first few hours, but eventually I did request some phentonyl for the pain. It makes me a little high for the 20 minutes or so it’s in my system and takes the edge off. They kept trying to push pitocin early in the game, but I knew that I would end up with an epidural if I allowed it. I’m glad I refused.
I was able to move around, shower, try the ball, and rock throughout labor. There came a point where I pretty much had to stay in bed because of the pain, and there was some major screaming.
I was so tired. I had barely eaten before my appointment, which was just before noon (water broken about 12:10pm) and the screaming pain wasn’t helping. I was stuck at 8cm for hours. Finally, I started to breathe through the contractions. Half the hypno way, half a vocal warm up. It was 9pm or so. I would breathe in slowly, taking as long a breath as possible, through my nose, and then release the air by hissing, slow and easy. Over the course of labor, I had 4 shots of the phentonyl. This breathing helped me deal a lot better! In between contractions, I would either ask for a sip of water from Dan (who was excellent) or fall asleep for a few seconds.
It was after 10 o’clock when I started really feeling the urge to push, but I was still only at 9cm. My nurse wanted me to change positions, but the pain had gotten so bad that I was back to screaming through contractions. I didn’t want to move, and they were coming so closely together that I didn’t think I could move!
Reluctantly, I rolled over and got on my hands and knees. It was go time right away! I had to push, and they kept telling me not to push because the doctor wasn’t there yet.
It was such a relief when she got there! I pushed for about a minute (five pushes or so) and my newest little boy was here. That minute seemed like an eternity because of the pain, and I was screaming like a wild animal. Remember in Twilight when K.Stew screams because of the vampire bite? That was me, delivering Oliver.
He came out just like his big brother, fist by his face, protecting his throat from the cord wrapped around it.
We hadn’t decided a name for him yet, so when I finally got him back, Dan and I just looked at him. He thought “Oliver Thomas”…but while I’d been in labor I’d thought maybe “Samuel Dennis”. (I like the name Samuel and Dennis is my late vocal coach – who taught me the exercise that saw me through.) Ultimately, we went through the list we had made weeks earlier, and came to Oliver Jude. Jude is, of course, a nod to the Beatles, and my father – because I came to love the Beatles because of his love for them. “Hey, Jude” is a wonderful song, and has such a positive message. Eventually, I’ll probably post the story behind it.
So, that is the story of how my beautiful, 9lb, 4.3oz, 21.25in long Oliver Jude was born at 10:45pm on his due date, June 17, 2011.
Nearly three weeks later, he is doing great and growing like a weed. He’s already over 10lbs! And Danny loves him very, very much.

I am so, so blessed.

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