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True Horror.

February 7, 2012

This past Sunday, as many of you must know by now, Josh Powell murdered his two boys and took his own life to escape accountability for the evils he has trespassed in this world. Josh Powell was the husband of the missing Susan Cox Powell, and the only person the police had been investigating in her disappearance.
I think the assumption is that his motives in killing his children are two-fold: First, the courts had ordered some evaluations that he knew he would fail in order to regain custody of his boys; second, his older son had started talking about the night Susan disappeared…and implicating Josh. The boys had been removed to their maternal grandparents’ care last fall.
I’ve been following this case since it started two years ago, and I’m just sick for these babies. I can’t bear to write here what all was done to them, but if you’re interested, it’s easy enough to find on any news website.

I know that now they are safe. They are with their mother. The monster who gave them half their DNA and last name can no longer hurt them in any capacity. Their pains and trials are over.
And Josh, that awful, motherless oxygen thief is burning for everything he has done.

I wanted this to end differently. I wanted Susan to be found, alive, and reunited with her parents and sons.

Each new piece of information makes me sicker and sicker.

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