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May 2, 2012

Two finals down, one to go. With any luck, I won’t do too badly and my GPA will not suffer too much. This semester was a lot more difficult than last. I ran out of ambition and doing coursework became an afterthought. Not good. And that really just does not fly with higher education.
I had an epiphany tonight, though. I’m glad for my struggles, particularly at this time, because my kids will be able to see me work my tushy off for my degree. And once I’ve finally earned it, I’ll be able to tell them (and by that time, I’ll probably be done having kids and the youngest will be speaking in full sentences) that while it was definitely not easy, it was totally worth it. As much as I wish I’d started cracking down on school sooner, in glad I have the boys to share my successes with, and for comfort when I don’t do so well. Every hug, sloppy kiss, and joyful giggle makes it all mean so much to me; and I don’t mean just from Dan. 🙂
It’s kind of peaceful to realize that as I’m killing myself with finals, I’m setting an important example…I don’t mean that in a self-righteous way, but in an “oh, hey, it’d be pretty cool if my kids copied that thing that I did!”

I started out on this degree for me…but really, it’s all for my babies. ❤

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