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Catching up…

June 27, 2012

Ten days ago, my little baby turned one! I’ve been trying to remember what exactly Danny was like at this age, and can’t…and irritatingly, I didn’t make note of it anywhere, either. SO!

Oliver at Age One:

LOVES food. Fruit, veggies, cheese, burgers, bread. Almost whatever he can get his hands on.
Says: Mama, Daddy, hey (a la the Fonz), yeah
Has taken a few wobbly steps, does a hilarious two-step run/squat thing
Refuses to drink from a bottle; attempts a sippy cup
Very much a booby kid (of course… :))
Climbs on/up EVERYTHING
Super happy, quick to laugh
Has about a bajillion teeth…ouch.
Loves to give hugs&kisses from Mom and Dad, and going for walks in the jogger
Finds Maggie utterly hilarious
Hates grass
Refuses hats/sunglasses
Hates cuddling in his sleep. 😥
Loves to play with his big brother…and wrestle.
Has blue jean eyes.

My little blue-eyed boy is so fun! And Danny loves him very much. There’s a great deal of mutual adoration between the boys, and it is so, so wonderful to see. Thinking about them together makes my heart swell and feel like it is just about to burst with love and pride. Motherhood suits me.

In other news, I recently decided to change my major. I’m not so good at not internalizing the pain of others, so I have decided to only pursue culinary arts at this time. I’m really excited; I should be able to finish my degree within three years! And Dan will be done with his about that time, so we’ll be moving on and I’ll have a great foundation for an accredited culinary school down in the states. I’m just ecstatic about the whole new plan.

I’ve also decided to write a play based on an obscure psychological condition. It’s going to be hilarious. I was inspired by, of all things, a Dilbert comic strip, and the title of some play that’s running down at (the headline was in the same language as this medical term.)

Things are going pretty well for me and my little family. We play together and go for walks…read books and cook together…it’s a delightful team of which I am a part. ❤

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