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Clean Eating

March 5, 2013

In the last…six? months or so, Dan and I have found ourselves more focused on the quality of the food we eat – to the point that before I got sick a few weeks ago, I was making close to 90% of our food from scratch. I even have a meat grinder and have gound beef and chicken!
This is no easy task – and certainly one I’ve been working back up to whilst I’ve been recovering. And let me tell you: what a difference it makes! Once you stop eating so much processed food and give up things like additives and preservatives, it’s amazing the change you’ll feel. And…less than stellar when you slip into old habits, especially after being monstrously ill.
Since my last bout of the flu/creeping crud/whatever the hell that demon cold was, I’ve nearly completely given up soda. I occasionally indulge in a ginger ale or Coke icee (yum!) but I can hardly stand to look at my once-beloved Dr Pepper Cherry. It’s sad, but also good. Hopefully, in spite of my exhaustion and crazy offspring, I’ll be able to keep it cut out. Or at least mostly, since that ish is delish.
I never really expected that I would become such a food purist, but I’ve really come to embrace the “granola” side of life, in this regard. Really, it’s just smart. Yes, healthy food is more expensive; however, you will make that money back in spades later in life from not having consumed gross quantities of horrible things. There’s definitely a balance.
We recently watched Food, Inc. Honestly, as disgusting as some of it was, I have to recommend it. I’ve known for quite some time about the poor feeding and treatment standards of chicken and cattle, but I really didn’t know just how disgusting it all truly is. I’m going through a sort of meat-fast right now, but when we do start buying and eating it again, I will for sure be buying it where I can find out where it’s come from and how it was treated before and during the butchering process. ((Don’t eat snacks whille you watch Food, Inc.!))
Anyway, I know that the clean(er) eating we’ve been doing has assisted Dan in meeting his physical health goals ((he’s lost nearly 30lbs just since December and was recently featured in the Court System’s monthly newsletter as a health inspiration!)) and I know that I feel better when I’m not eating garbage. Thanks to general laziness, female genetics, and full-term breastfeeding, I have unfortunately not made as great of strides as Dan has, but that’s okay. I’m heavy, but really pretty healthy. And making positive food choices can only help, both me directly, and my sons, who see me modeling healthy behaviors every day.

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